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STEMbotics combines STEM enriched coding with state of the art software and equipment to build and program robotic models. Check out the 4 themed projects that we are offering. 


CITYbotics teaches young engineers how new technologies and robots can improve life in a modern city.  We build, program, and explore robots found in a metropolitan city.


ANIMALbotics introduces the work of the most ingenious engineer of all time – Mother Nature! We build, program, and explore clever robot models of different animals.


SPACEbotics is a unique lesson plan that takes us into outer space. Constructing and then programming futuristic robot models is a great introduction to physics and astronomy. 


ARCADEbotics provides an introduction to programming and game development.  Students will learn how to program their own computer games such as Pong and Frogger to ultimate video-game blockbusters such as Snake or Tetris.

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